SUPAYA is modern water sports clothing for demanding customers. We provide clothes from the best materials, created with the participation of the latest technologies. Our products are a synergy of the experiences of many specialized manufacturers in the field of creating knitted fabrics, enriching their properties and decorating based on the most durable and highest quality technologies. 

When designing SUPAYA sportswear, our main goal is to care for the well-being of our customers. Our entire team is working on the final effect, i.e. 100% satisfaction with the choice of SUPAYA.

Is it possible to physically experience the meaning of advertising jargon? Just touch it, put it on and feel the quality of SUPAYA we are talking about. Only in this way you will understand how our patterns, materials and cuts differ from others available on the market. Only in this way can you make an informed choice. Only in this way can you get your own opinion and share it with others. 

 SUPAYA clothing owes its unique colors and artistic beauty to the founder of the Marzenie brand, who loves traveling. Getting to know other cultures and their ethnic patterns, observing fauna and flora, it all gives a lot of inspiration. Thanks to them, we can create knitted fabrics with fancy colors, unique motifs and original patterns. Thanks to them, we can create collections of SUPAYA sportswear, which with their aesthetics can affect the well-being of people who wear them and people in their company. Modern and cool, and at the same time practical, such clothes for lovers of sports and active recreation are created by our stylists.

The technology in the coloring of SUPAYA sportswear works for the benefit of its users. In order to create durable and wear-resistant clothing, operating in conditions of extreme use, we decided to use technological processes dedicated to this type of clothing. The ARCHROMA technology guarantees the highest quality and efficiency as well as safety in dyeing and refining knitted fabrics from which SUPAYA sportswear is made.


 ARCHROMA as a world leader in the field of colors and specialty chemicals touches and colors human life every day, everywhere. That’s why at Archroma they are constantly challenging the status quo with the firm belief that they can make our industry sustainable. 

EarthColors® is Archrom’s patented new dye synthesis method that produces warm tones from nature. Archroma’s EarthColors® technology creates fully traceable biosynthetics, dyes derived from natural waste products produced by the agricultural and herbal industries, leaving the edible portion still available for consumption.



EarthColors® has been honored with the prestigious Outdoor, Gold Industry Award 2017 in the Sustainable Innovation Category 

EarthColors® Dyes are bluesign® and GOTS Approved. 

Thanks to Achroma technology, Supaya garments keep the skin dry, providing protection and comfort. Wicks moisture away from the skin, dries faster, remains soft and breathable, and maintains color and shape after washing.