Kasia Jaklewicz

Journalist, traveler, motivator, kitesurfing instructor, but most of all the founder of "Girls who love kitesurfing".

Since 2016, it has been organizing under this brand in Poland, but also in Egypt, Portugal and Brazil - world-unique Kitesurfing Camps for Women - at all ages and at all levels of advancement.

- Kitesurfing is great for women because it is a technical sport, not a strength sport. So it does not require huge muscles or amazing condition, but precision - he argues.

And he points out that not only sex, but also age are of little importance here.

- It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 40! Being a "Kitesurfing Girl" is a state of mind. It is not PESEL that counts, but openness, positive attitude and good intentions.

Its mission is to motivate women to start their adventure with kitesurfing, but also to try new things, go beyond the comfort zone and make their dreams come true.

This is what her series of motivational columns under the common slogan "How to force myself to ...", published in "Wysokie Obcasy".

In her free time, she fulfills herself as a kitesurfing instructor, tour guide in Thailand and Cambodia and leading a travel and motivational profile on instagram @jakle_w_podrozy.

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Malwina Baraniak

Kitesurfer and traveler, passionate about even wind and high kite flights.

She started her adventure with kitesurfing over 10 years ago and she is still in love with it as she did during her first tack. Malwina is also a certified kitesurfing instructor with many years of experience, but above all, she is passionate about sports, physical activity and a constant adventurer.

Her professional work is combined with passion and love for water. He runs the malayka.pl kitesurfing school on the Hel Peninsula, and after the end of the Polish winter season, he organizes trips abroad with kitesurfing lessons. For several years, she has also been involved in swimming on electric efoil boards, and water and a smile are her inherent advantages. We like Malwina best for her innate optimism and love for water sports.

Visit her instagram profile: malayka_surf to get to know her world better.

Malayka.pl – a school run with passion


A legendary man, kitesurfing instructor with knowledge worth millions, co-owner of the Red Sea Zone kitesurfing base located near the Tropic of Cancer in El Gouna 🙂 my life and work to Egypt where, as Peter says: I have created a base that does not need to be closed for the winter. <br> <br> Służbowo is an instructor with experience and an amazing ability to transfer knowledge, which students appreciate and use to this day in all spots in the world. <br> Privately, a father, husband, athlete and musician who can charm us with playing the guitar over time beautiful Egyptian evenings.

Visit his instagram profile: Szlagowski and redseazone_official to get to know his world better. RedSeaZone – a database run with passion